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50 Bed Hospital Project for Flood Affected

Recent flood in sindh affected a big area and also huge population of...


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Pakistan's worst-ever disaster continues badly affected all provinces,Pakistan is overall...

Our Profile...

Women's welfare for Health & Education Services Pakistan Whae's), Regds Since 2004 women's for health & education services Pakistan (Whae's) is working in the field of health & education very successfully. We did different seminars, free medical camps & other awareness programs for a common people as well whole society.
We design different medical & education courses for concern persons, & for that person who want to learn these courses, and providing their services for their families & society.
Advance ultra sound course only for MBBS Doctors & other health related professional which will be affiliated with any reputable institute or faculty in Pakistan or Abroad.

Primary Health Care Project

First time in the history of Pakistani health social history, we are starting primary health care unit, with special and essential facility of Eye/ Dental and ultrasound services.
In Health Sector we are trying to became trend maker for providing special, expansive and essential requirements of any human being, either he / she belong to posh/ developing areas or belong to slum/neglected areas, but they need to this type of facilitates/ treatment.

Nursing School Project

Nursing is the Profession in which services are limit less for the persons who are deserved for it, in our modern society no other profession or skills compete it. Nurses served their patients as they are their love one. When a person joins this profession, He/She just thinks about the services of deserving human beings without any matelisitic benefits.They perform their professional duties round the clock without any kind of irritation, across the border, no differentiation of Race,